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The Corona Virus Pandemic’s Impact on Real Estate in Addis

Everything has changed.  Yet, nothing has changed.  This appears to be the story of the real estate sector in Addis where the only difference as to which option you choose from the paradoxical pairing, depends on how far you’re looking into the future.  Overview Never before has business (or life in general for that matter) been so universally impacted as it has been worldwide due to the...

The Area Game

What you don’t know about how developers calculate the area of an apartment you might be considering buying, could cost you millions. The more you know about how areas could be calculated, the better informed your buying decision will be. Comparing apartments is an imperfect science of course.  So many variables can affect the perceived value of a given apartment, especially in Ethiopia where...

Should you invest in Addis real estate?

Real estate in Addis has somewhat of a checkered history. And to some extent, we might expect it to in a rapidly developing city which is transforming itself into a modern metropolis before our very eyes.  Especially given a highly dynamic urban planning department to say the least. But one thing has remained true over the past 20+ years – real estate has been and remains today one of the best...

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